Are you trying to jazz up your curse words this new year?

The traditional f-word has become passé. You here it everywhere and it’s lost all its impact. In the end, it just makes us sound like hosers (here’s a fun fact: did you know that according to writer and performer Dave Thomas, when the characters Bob and Doug McKenzie were created, instead of “take off, eh” the characters would say “f#%k off, eh).

They didn’t have HBO back in those days.

That’s why we need to be a little more creative in our swearing. For that we can look to the past. Some of the old words like “Balderdash” actually have some solid meaning behind them and even though using them may make you sound like you’re over 90, perhaps it’s time we brought them back.

That’s where our friend Jane MacDougall comes in. Jane is a writer who is always creative with the verbiage, especially that of the cuss variety. I spoke to her recently about bringing in the new year with a little more “swear-word panache.”

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