A Loaded 6 String On My Back!


European Gypsy guitar, Juno award winning Canadian pop/rock, and three amazing independent Vancouver acts. I’d say it was a damn fine week on LFR. I’ve played guitar for 25 years(!) but watching Lulo Reinhardt and Chrystian Dozza effortlessly and joyfully play their guitars made me realize I’ve got a looooong way to go. Beautiful stuff from two masters. Max from the Arkells called in to talk basketball, wedding proposals and music. The band is here in February, touring in support of their latest, Morning Report. And, we were so lucky to debut new music from a couple of die hard rock n rollers – James Green and Colby Morgan. Both have new music coming in 2017 and from what I’ve heard, we’re in for real treat. We wrapped up the week with the four amazing ladies of What It Is! You know you’ve got vocal chops when it’s just voice, and I felt very fortunate to be alone in the studio to hear them do their thing.

Next week it’s the music of Frank Turner and film director, Douglas Tirola is on the phone to discuss the hilarious new documentary, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon. I’m a big fan and I know there’s going to be some laughs. Thanks as always for tuning in!