Number Of Ethnic Human Rights Complaints On The Rise In British Columbia


Here in British Columbia, the number of ethnic human right complaints have been increasing.

That’s according to local human rights lawyer Aleem Bharmal, who says US President Donald Trump’s comments and policies may be leading to more racist interactions in the province.

“A lot of people have said that what’s been going on in the states and with how President Trump ran his campaign and how he’s governing has emboldened a lot of these fringe groups referred to as alt-right or white supremacist groups. What used to be these fringe groups that were very much underground seem to be emboldened and be more open about their views.”

Bharmal adds we are seeing more racist propaganda as well from different groups in the Lower Mainland…with the KKK distributing flyers in Abbotsford and pro-nazi flyers plastered on the side of a church in New Westminister just last week.

Bharmal says the number of reports have gone up 20 percent this year alone.

“Ethnic complaints if you want to call them that, represented 16 percent of our overall complaints. The more recent fiscal year, they’re representing 20 percent of our overall complaints. The complaints have increased, specifically on ethnicity they’ve increased from 222 to 332.”

Following the tragic shooting of innocent worshipers at a mosque in Quebec this weekend, Bharmal is reminding those who feel unsafe of the Islamophobia hotline.

“It seems now more needed than ever with the tragic events in Quebec and the fallout of the executive orders made by President Trump.”

The Islamaphobia hotline number is 604-343-3828.