A Loveless Week!


Documentaries are pretty much the greatest kind of movies. Writer/director Douglas Tirola spoke to us about his latest flick, Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead: The story of the National Lampoon. It’s a great watch, and talking to him about the comedic geniuses behind the magazine, movies, radio shows, etc was informative and fun.

Author Jack Hamilton was another treat. His book, Just Around Midnight: Rock n Roll and the Racial Imagination is quite literally a book about race and music. He did some extensive research and discovered some pretty mind-boggling facts about some of the giants of popular music from the 60’s and 70’s.

Powerhouse vocalist Lydia Loveless stopped by for a chat and performance. She didn’t know what a toque was… so I told her. And a Caesar. Filled her in on that too. We had a blast and her latest album, Real, is fantastic.

Next week, friend of the station, Dan Mangan makes his return to LFR! Vancouver’s Ben Rogers will be here, as well as Vancouver’s Washboard Union. AND… Canadian filmmaker and self-proclaimed curmudgeon, Alan Zweig will blow us a call from his home in the Big Smoke.