Mayor Gregor Robertson Addresses Housing Crisis As More And More Young People Leave City Due To Sky-High Rental Prices


Mayor Gregor Robertson was in Downtown Vancouver this morning, speaking about the so-called housing reset that’s set to come down in the coming weeks.

The mayor started out his keynote speech poking fun at the controversial new logo for the City of Vancouver.

“Today I want to focus my remarks on the one issue that I know we are all focused on and that’s the city’s logo…just kidding.”

Robertson says housing is the main concern for the majority of residents in the city but emphasized that younger residents are feeling burnt out as many have had to move out of the city in order to find a home.

“They want to stay in their community, they want to stay in the neighbourhood they grow up in or lived in for most of their lives. So how do we help the thousands of people, the tenants, and prospective homeowners too to keep living and contributing in Vancouver.”

Robertson says the rising cost of living in Vancouver is driving out the most important members of our community.

“Unaffordability is emptying Vancouver of one of its valuable assets. Young people who grew up in the city and are invested in it. That’s a trend that we need to grapple with. We have lots of young people coming into the city for all the jobs we are creating but we don’t want to lose people who have grown up here, who love this city, who care about this city and feel like they got to move out because they can’t afford a place to live.”

He says in order to bring more affordable housing to the city, there needs to be an increase in supply…adding additional homes can be built but only if the provincial and federal governments step up.