Race And Architecture


What’s the relationship between race and space? It’s a question that has preoccupied my thinking for more than two decades now, and it’s so much more than just being in place – or out of place. It’s a complicit and complex relationship that deserves a longer look.

Bottom line is that racism fundamentally shapes architectural and urban spaces- from the parks, we play in, to the streets we drive through, to the sidewalks we walk on daily. The lives of people of colour have been irrevocably altered through land dispossession, ongoing processes of home ownership exclusion and of course, the appalling process of redlining.

What impact does this have on their experience of place?

This week one of my all-time favourite shows was about the way racism influences architecture and public urban spaces. Joining me was Bruce Haden, our in-house architecture expert at Sense of Place and award winning architect; and on the line from NYC were two architect-journalists Asad Syrkett and Tanay Warerkar who wrote a piece in curbed.com about this very subject. I hope you’ll listen in!