Impact’s Purpose


“Impact “is a daily radio program. It’s all about our community and people who are doing wonderful things here as well as around the world that have are, umm, having an impact on our lives.

We have scheduled another LGBTQ panel and I have to admit that a part of me resisted wondering if we hadn’t asked all the questions that were looking for answers. Our programs creative team pointed out that we still have work to do as there are too many unanswered questions  and issues about homelessness, immigration, climate change, LGBTQ and so many other issues – which is why we created this program. So this week we have roamed the streets of Vancouver and the world to share deeply caring stories about abortion, happiness and kittens, the ever-changing role of the Red Cross in an ever changing world.

That’s the point of “Impact” as it’s  all about allowing spaciousness and safety to ask those difficult questions, to make sure everyone’s voice and point of view is heard.. I hope you can join us!