BC Liberals Being Sued For Allegedly Spending Taxpayer Dollars On Partisan Ads

Image via Jonathon Brown.

With less than 50 days before the provincial election, a lawsuit has been filed against the BC Liberals for allegedly using millions of taxpayers dollars to air partisan ads.

The lawsuit has been filed by Vancouver lawyers Paul Doroshenko and David Fai who are representing a concerned citizen.

Doroshenko says up to 15 million dollars is being improperly used by this government.

“15 million sounds like a lot because it is a lot. You can do seismic upgrades for schools, you can build schools, hire doctors for small locations. We are at a level of arrogance that is akin to other systems where we are harshly critical of the government because they are living the high life off our dime.”

He adds the BC Liberals, under Premier Christy Clark, spent 15-million-dollars of taxpayer’s money, which could have been used to benefit British Columbians rather than promote the party.

“Money that could have gone to the preservation of being prepared for bills, it could have gone to doctors, it could go for teachers, it could go for computers in classrooms. 15 million dollars goes a long way when properly spent, but they are spending it for themselves.They know advertising works. Why do people advertise? Because advertising works. Well, they’re spending our money on advertising. Since Christy Clark took over, it’s just skyrocketed.”

Doroshenko says he knows the case will take weeks to go through the courts, but adds the goal is to have the BC Liberals pay the government back for all the money spent on advertising.