PM Trudeau takes Electronic Arts gaming tech for a spin


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to Electronic Arts Thursday afternoon to take some of their video game making gear for a spin.

Stepping inside their Capture Lab, the PM took a tour of their latest equipment that maps actors’ movements to simulate the most real experience for gamers.

Trudeau manned the Directors’ Camera, or DCam, which is a virtual system that can create organic camera curves against the game’s animation, which grabs those subtle nuances that otherwise takes ages to animate by hand, while closing the gap of the uncanny valley.

The motion camera streams directly into EA’s proprietary Frostbite game engine. EA’s proprietary software made in Metro Vancouver allows the Capture Lab to process data in high volumes to match likeness to detail they say is unprecedented.

The PM seemed to know his way around a game controller.

Two of EA’s Motion Capture Technical Artists played the role of boxers, clad in tights and marker points in reality, duked it out as computer animated boxers onscreen as Trudeau danced around them capturing their action. Since the DCam operates in a virtual world, it isn’t limited to the physical limitations of a real camera in a real set.

This tech has been used for their popular EA Fight Night boxing series, among other hits.

Trudeau then praised EA Games as he held a roundtable with Metro Vancouver’s technology leaders and the Vancouver Economic Commission at the Capture Lab.

Trudeau called the meeting a chance to allow industry leaders more opportunities to make innovations to create more jobs and push the country’s tech industry on a global level.

“Everything from clean tech to medical advances, to innovation in the digital economy, there are a lot of very exciting things going on,” Trudeau said.