Surrey Mayor gives Annual State of the City Address


Today in Surrey, Mayor Linda Hepner gave the Annual State of the City Address.

According to the city, building permits nearly topped $1.5-billion and high paying jobs are transforming the local economy.

The city also noted how Surrey continues to be a favorite location for film and television production; with the number of filming days increasing by more then 600 percent since 2011.

They say the filming industry has generated more than 5,000 film related jobs, which have been injected into the local economy.

In terms of construction, there are plenty of potential projects in the pipeline according to Hepner.

“On a very specific level, I’m going to choose potentially transformative projects that I think will advance the city in a very significant way.”

Surrey could be seeing more office buildings, residential towers and even a family themed resort.

Among the topics in today’s address was the legalization of marijuana and whether it is to be seen as a business opportunity or a social issue.

In order to find the answer to this, Hepner wants to send a team down to the states to get a first hand look on how their handling the legislation of cannabis.

“It’s one thing to make the legal change in Ottawa, but frankly it’s at the local level where the rubber meets the road and issues arise. And to the at end I am going to be sending a city delegation to head south to take a look at the legislation of marijuana and what it means not to states, but to cities.”

In today’s speech she referenced multiple U.S cities and how much money they expect to collect in taxes from the legalization of cannabis .

Washington expects $730 million and the projections for California are more than $1 billion per year in taxes.

A message the mayor took a firm stance on was, making sure the city of Surrey is ready and prepared to mitigate any issues.