Art & Culture


As a reluctant critic on a path to understanding the role of criticism, a few questions seem obvious — such as what influence does art and culture have on society and how we look at ourselves, each other and the world around us as a result of these “works”. As an infrequent patron of the arts, assuming that blues bands and bars don’t count, I am pleased to have stumbled into Peter Dickinson’s Long Division on its final performance. I found it a wonderfully moving play that stirred many personal emotions and memories that allowed a brief interlude from everyday life as I observed our world from other perspectives. There were many similar themes from our conversations on Impact this week about how criticism weaves its way into every arena no matter what the topic. Our guests joined in as we talked about tiny houses, Buddhism and emergency relief on the streets of Vancouver and around the world, and the Climate Change Reality Leadership training in Seattle this summer among other interesting topics. Next week promises to be just stimulating and entertaining. I hope you can join us on-air and/or online.