Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a stop in Surrey this morning to announce the Canada Child Benefit


Prime Justin Trudeau is in Surrey today and made a stop at the Don Christian Recreation Centre highlighting the benefits of the Canada Child Tax Benefit and how under his party it has greatly benefited middle class young families.

In a Q & A session following his announcement he readdressed the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion emphasizing that a balance needs to be achieved between the environment and the economy.

“Building a strong economy with good jobs for us now and future generations goes hand in hand with protecting and preserving our natural environment. Nobody wants to pretend that there is a choice anymore between environment and economy, the only way we build a stronger future for these kids is by making sure we are doing them both together”

Trudeau added he’s had a great working relationship with all provinces to better the economy and equally cares for the environment demonstrated through the Oceans Protection plan.