Independent Contractors say Site-C delays will cost BC in the long run


There was another rally in Vancouver today over the controversial Site-C dam, but this one was in support, not against the project.

With the future of the dam in question, thanks to the NDP / Green alliance, over 2,200 jobs hang in the balance.

That from the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association who launched a campaign with thousands of “pink slips” peppered over Vancouver’s BC Hydro building to represent those jobs.

ICBA President Chris Gardner (pictured at left) responds to claims from several environmental groups who say we don’t need this extra hydropower, saying the dam is an opportunity to move away from fossil fuels.

“Our energy future is at risk, because of the politics that are right at the core of resource development and assessment process,” he says. “Among all of the alternatives that the panel considered, Site-C was the cheapest alternative and provided the most reliable and the cleanest source of energy for the next 100 years. The challenge with some of the alternative sources, they had intermittent power, you can’t rely on it.”

The ICBA’s communications director & taxpayer advocate, Jordan Bateman (pictured at right), calls NDP Leader John Horgan’s push to get the dam reviewed by the BC Utilities Commission “short-sighted”.

“We are $2 billion into this project, $630 million if we delay this project, even for this review, that’s a lot of taxpayer money to be wasted and I don’t think that should be happening,” he says.