A Queer Love Story – an interview with Marilyn R. Schuster, former Provost at Smith College about her latest book


A few weeks ago I went home and started the arduous process of cleaning out my recently deceased Mother’s house. While stuffing her clothes into garbage bags, I stumbled upon a satchel of letters – letters from her Mom to my Mom. I read through them greedily, relishing each scrawled word on the page. Perhaps this sentiment isn’t unfamiliar to you.

There’s a particular intimacy that comes from reading correspondence. I’ve found it a completely mesmerizing experience. Our interview of the week showcases that seductive intimacy.

Dr. Marilyn Schuster gathered letters exchanged between the lesbian writer Jane Rule and Rick Bebout, journalist and editor with the Toronto based radical LBTQ publication Body Politic. It’s all there in her book, A Queer Love Story. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the mélange of 15 years of their correspondence. It is a no-holds barred collection, speaking to romance, love, health, and death –better than an epic novel. Hope you will tune in to enjoy the spoils of gentle eavesdropping, so to speak.

You can listen to the interview HERE.