Polls open in Vancouver for Venezuelan refferendum

Image via Venezuelan Canadian Society of BC Facebook.

Venezuelans in Vancouver and across the globe are voting in a referendum today to revise the country’s constitution.

Organizers say more than 10,000 Venezuelans have voted in Spain’s capital in an opposition-sponsored referendum to reject President Nicolas Maduro’s plan to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution.

Polls will remain open in Madrid and 78 other cities and towns in Spain until 8pm local time (11am Pacific) for Venezuelans residing in the European country.

The Democratic Unity opposition coalition has called for voters both in and outside Venezuela to participate in the symbolic referendum two weeks before the government holds elections for a constitutional assembly.

Among those who have voted in Madrid are former Democratic Unity general secretary Chuo Torrealba, singer Carlos Baute and writer Boris Izaguirre.

According to Spain’s national statistics institute, over 60,000 Venezuelans resided in Spain in 2016.

Polls are open until 4pm at the YWCA Hotel on 733 Beatty Street in Vancouver.