The Adultification of Black Girls


A new study has found that starting as young as age 5, Black girls are seen as behaving and seeming older than they actually are. How does this work to erase black girls’ childhoods? We were fortunate to have Collier Meyerson join us at Roundhouse to talk about this disturbing phenomenon. She is a Fellow at the Nation Institute and focuses on reporting on race and politics. She’s also an investigative fellow at Reveal. She shared with us the findings from a new study from the Georgetown Law Centre on Poverty and Inequality. She explained how Black girls are viewed as more adult than their white counterparts and emphasized that Black girls are often punished for it. She also explained how its roots go all the way back to chattel slavery, where black children were put to work as early as their toddler years, rarely allowed time to play, and were punished for behaving like the children they were. Has this pattern continued? Collier argues yes, and she explains why – listen HERE!