Transit Police officers injured after confrontation with suspects

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Two separate alleged confrontations with Transit Police officers have led to two men being arrested and charged.

The first incident involved 34-year old Christopher Anton Skender who was arrested and charged following an alleged violent confrontation with Transit Police officers.

On July 25th at 3:15 pm officers noticed Skender allegedly openly drinking liquor.

That comes from a statement from Transit Police spokesperson, Anne Drennan, who says officers allegedly saw a syringe sticking out of his pocket.

He was asked to remove the syringe but allegedly fled the scene instead.

Officers chased him and when they grabbed him he allegedly struck one of the officers in the head and face.

The officer suffered cuts, bruising to his nose, face, under his right eye and a disfiguring hand injury.

Skender was taken into custody and according to Dreannan, he is “very” well known to police.

The second incident was on August 5th when 25-year-old Dillon Howard Dinwoodie was also arrested and charged after an alleged physical confrontation with Transit Police officers.

According to Drennan, Dinwoodie was allegedly drinking a beer in public.

Dinwoodie was on probation and was not allowed to consume or possess any alcohol.

When the suspect was advised he was under arrest for Breach of Probation, he became confrontational.

He allegedly lifted one of the officers off the ground before falling on him and then kicking him in the shoulder.

Pepper spray was used to control the suspect and take him into custody.

Dinwoodie has since remained in police custody and is scheduled to appear in court today.