NDP’s Bruce Ralston retracts and apologizes for statements made against Gordon Wilson


In what some would call an attempt to avoid a lawsuit, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology Bruce Ralston has retracted statements he made about Gordon Wilson.

Wilson was formerly serving as Advocate for the LNG Buy BC Program, and upon dismissal, the BC NDP government didn’t have many kind words.

Ralston had said there were “no written reports by him settling out what he had done’ to earn his 150-thousand-dollar a year salary.

Now Ralston has provided a retraction and apology, provided to Wilson’s lawyers.

He says Wilson had provided reports, regrets making the statement, and retracts the statement in its entirety.

“As I have stated publicly previously, that statement was inaccurate and based on incorrect information provided to me. In fact, Mr. Wilson did provide reports setting out what he had done to earn the money that he was paid. I regret making the statement, I retract that statement in its entirety and apologize to Mr. Wilson for my error in making that inaccurate statement.”