Insights West poll reveals Canadians have fixed feelings regarding taxation at federal level

Courtesy of Small Business BC

Some insight on being taxed at the federal level. Turns, out most of us, don’t pay any attention to the recent proposal by the federal government to change the way private corporations pay taxes. The findings come to light after a recent poll conducted by Insights West.

About 38 percent of us support the federal government’s proposed changes to the way private corporations pay taxes, most are likely to believe that politicians and lawyers pay fewer taxes than doctors and surgeons.

However, just over 50 percent of us feel doctors should not be allowed to incorporate and have the ability to reduce the amount of taxes they pay. Opposition to the federal government’s proposal is highest among Albertans at 34 percent and Conservative voters in the 2015 federal election at 31 percent.

More than half of Canadians believe that surgeons, family doctors, or general practitioners and veterinarians are paid about right for what they do, and more than half think nurses are paid too little for the work they perform.

When asked about taxation, most Canadians believe those in the medical profession definitely pay their dues in taxes. On the other hand, over 60 percent feel federal politicians and provincial politicians are paid too much for what they do.