Finance Minister Carole James confirms NDP is still working on $10-a-day childcare


Finance Minister Carole James met with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade today at the Fairmount Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver.

The meeting was to share highlights from the recent budget update and how the BC NDP is focused on making life more affordable for people living in the province.

James also spoke on a number of issues, including $10-a-day childcare, the NDP’s relationship with the BC Greens and getting big money out of politics.

Childcare and relationship with the BC Greens

Today James confirmed that the NDP is committed to getting $10-a-day childcare into the province, however, she says it is going to take some time.

In order to ensure it is done correctly, James says the NDP must take the proper steps.

Once implemented, she says it will provide a strong boost to the economy.

“It is, in fact, a smart investment that will grow our economy, that will help businesses, that will help investment and that will provide affordability for families; so that money then can be circulated back into the economy and back into small businesses in our community.”

James adds that they are committed $10-a-day childcare, but says it will take time to get there.

She says they are consulting with experts, advocates, and the BC Greens.

In terms of the relationship with the NDP has with the BC Greens, James says people cannot panic every time the two parties do not see eye to eye.

She says just because they disagree, it doesn’t mean the agreement they have with the Greens will fall apart.

“The relationship is strong and we will not agree on everything”


Big Money and Politics  

A key component of the NDP’s campaign was the promise to get big money out of politics.

Today James responded to question of the NDP’s broken campaign promise of getting big money out of politics without having to use taxpayer dollars for election funding.

She says she is proud of the new legislation and that it will help democracy in BC.

“Our premier has said he took a look at the evidence, he took a look how we can ensure that happened quickly because that’s what the public expected. If there was probably one of the most talked about issues during the provincial election, this last provincial election, it was the issue of campaign finance reform.”

James adds that she expects there will be a debate in the legislature on the decision.