Todd Stone announces he will be running for leadership of the BC Liberals


The list for leadership of the BC Liberals continues to grow as Former BC Transportation Minister, Todd Stone, has officially put his name forward.

Stone says he is well positioned for the leadership position because he can relate to voters and understand what families in the province need.

He says the Liberals need to be open to change and he can provide a fresh vision for the party.

“Well we’re going to talk a lot through this leadership campaign about accountability, about transparency and about openness. I think I represent a fresh new vision for not just our party, but for British Columbia. I envision having regular town hall meetings around the province.”

Stone adds town hall meetings would allow everyone’s voices to be heard in the province.

Stone joins the growing list of candidates, which includes former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and former education Minister, Mike Bernier.

The first Liberal Leadership debate is set for this Sunday, and Roundhouse Radio will have live updates for you.