Gene Valaitis: The Yankees?! Paging Dr.Heimlich


Its World Series time and Vancouver is a baseball city. We love our Blue Jays. The local TV ratings confirm it and so do the number of Vancouverites who travel to Seattle on weekends when the Mariners host the Jays for a series. In fact, there were so many Vancouver Jays’ fans in Seattle for the last series back in September even the Mayor of Seattle got downright upset about the blue invasion and the “Go Jays Go” cheers in his park.

But onto the World Series.

Houston eliminated the Yankees on Saturday night in spite of my excellent coaching from the comfort of my home yelling at the TV. The Yankees! Bums! This should have been a Yankees-Dodgers World Series. In May of 1957 Major League Baseball allowed the then Brooklyn Dodgers to flee the New York City area for the palm trees and sunsets of the west coast. There are still people who characterize the Dodgers as traitors and their hate is alive and well as only it can be in sports. A Dodgers-Yankees World Series would have been great for baseball and ratings and west coast vs east coast and the history! Millions who would have watched – won’t now. Houston-Dodgers? Really? This is going to be like going to a wedding where you know the couple should not be getting married and it’s not going to work out , but you show up for the free dinner and drinks. Oy! When do the Canucks play next?

Gene Valaitis.

Gene Valaitis
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