Gene Valaitis: A higher standard


Why does The United States hold a higher standard for a fake President than the real President of the United States?

It’s odd. Think about it.

Netflix has severed ties with Kevin Spacey, who portrayed the U.S. President Frank Underwood and star of its House of Cards show, amid a number of sex assault allegations against him.

A British actor said he had woken up to find Spacey performing a sex act on him in 2008. The man is said to have run from the property after Spacey allegedly said: “Don’t tell anyone about this.”

What about the real President of the United States?

During the recent U.S. election campaign, The Washington Post uncovered a damning tape of Donald Trump speaking on an open hot mic during an Access Hollywood appearance in 2005. In off-the-cuff comments to host Bill Bush, the then-presidential candidate was heard making lewd remarks about women, saying that he can do whatever he wants to them because he’s famous: “Grab them by the pussy,” he said. “You can do anything.”

The reveal was followed by other women claiming that Trump had acted inappropriately toward them, including one People Magazine reporter who claimed that he sexually assaulted her. Ultimately, none of this derailed Trump’s campaign; he brushed the Access Hollywood tape off as “locker-room talk,” and went on to win the election a month later.

President Donald Trump remains in office.

President Frank Underwood is finished. The irony. The fake President is held to a higher standard than the real President.

I’m shaking my head too.

Gene Valaitis

Gene Valaitis
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