Premier John Horgan talks about high-speed rail connecting Vancouver and Seattle


Yesterday in Victoria Premier John Horgan met with Washington Governor Jay Inslee and discussed the possibility of a high-speed rail connecting Vancouver and Seattle.

According to Horgan, a feasibility report on the potential project is expected to be released in early December, however, both Horgan and Inslee admitted that there are barriers that must be broken down in order for this project to see the light of day.

Getting Canadians across the Border

Inslee told reporters that he could see U.S President Donald Trump being a reason for Canadians not wanting to cross the border.

“I don’t want people in British Columbia for one second to think about not travelling to Washington State because they’re concerned about the President of the United States. Maybe as a show of defiance, you got to come twice as often.”

Trump’s feud with North Korea and the threat of a nuclear attack could also factor in whether or not British Columbians choose to visit Seattle.

Horgan also acknowledged that if a high-speed rail were to be built, border checks must be done in a timely manner.

“If we are going to have a high-speed rail we’re going to need to have border checks and custom activities done along the way; because if we stop for an extended period of time at the border were defeating the purpose”

Horgan adds that he and Inslee are on the same page in terms benefits of a high-speed rail.