The Christmas Stew Part Two: Christmas In The Round


Please Come Home For Christmas: Barney Bentall, Craig Northey, Geoff Hicks, Jim Byrnes, Shari Ulrich, Kirby Barber, Rob Becker, and Bill Henderson.

Airing: Dec. 23rd 1pm & 9pm – Dec. 24th 12pm & 8pm – Dec. 25th 12pm & 10pm

It all started at CBC Vancouver in the late 70s with Producer Susan Englebert.

I was hosting a weekly show called The Great Canadian Goldrush and Susan brought together several of our artist friends to sing Christmas songs and tell Christmas tales.

Shari Ulrich, Roy Forbes, Terry Frewer were all part of those shows.

The show became a tradition – year after year.

Then life happened.  Our friend Susan lost a battle with cancer, Goldrush was canceled and we all moved on.

It wasn’t until I signed on with Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver that the idea of Christmas in the Round started to take shape.

Finally, I had a great mix.

Artists that were attracted to Roundhouse Radio’s support of music and the arts.

And a real working studio…plus a lobby that doubled as a stage. Perfect!!

This is now Year Three of Christmas in the Round.

Shari Ulrich is still part of the group.

( Roy Forbes joined us last year)

This year the lineup is strong. Everyone on the stage had an amazing year. Recording, touring, co-writing and making new friends.

Barney Bentall – had just come off the road with Cariboo Express. Released a fine new album The Drifter and the Preacher and was about to tour coast-to-coast in early 2018 with the  Jim Cuddy Band.

Shari Ulrich – on the road with Barney, playing with other artists, forming a trio with her daughter Julia and fellow Cariboo Expresser  Kirby Barber, who’s also with us this year.

(Julia recorded and mixed this hour)

Jim Byrnes- host of Byrnes Blues with a well-earned reputation as a singular performer, who proudly shows his St Louis roots in every song.

He too has a new album coming out in Feb. – Long Hot Summer Days.

Bill Henderson – Leader, writer, vocalist, and guitarist of Chilliwack. Mentor to many of today’s new artists. Producer and picker.

Craig Northey – Original member of The Odds. Invaluable session man, co-writer, and part of perhaps the best backing band in the Country.

You may notice in the group photo that he’s leaning on a crutch. That’s because he BROKE his ankle playing hockey 2 weeks before this session and he still came to play.

He’s a gamer. A lifer.

Geoff Hicks – Plays drums with EVERYONE – Colin James, Barney, never’s way too many to mention

Rob Becker – Ditto. Need a great bass player? Start in the B’s with Becker.  Plays with Barney a lot.

They all have Christmas songs and stories and a tradition to carry on.

Many thanks to Cory Price, Julia Graff, Monique McQueen, Alex Rodgerson, Don Shafer, Margaret Garrison, Dave Dhillon, Gabe Reinarz, Julian Anton, Scott Elliott and Duke, Natalie Pitt.

Many thanks to our singers and pickers.

Jingle Bells  James Taylor
The girl with the Holiday smile Lyle Lovett
Mary had a baby Bruce Cockburn
Soul Cake Sting
It came upon the Midnight clear Norah Jones
Christmas call from a hooker in Minneapolis Tom Waits
 Christmas comes but once a year BB King
Happy Christmas John and Yoko
Santa Claus is coming to town Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Christmas song Dave Mathews Band
Rudy The Be Good Tanyas
Christmas eve with you Lindi Ortega
Merry Christmas Baby Otis Redding
Cool Yule Colin James and the Little Big Band
Christmas in the Round Year Three Barney Bentall, Craig Northey, Geoff Hicks, Jim Byrnes, Shari Ulrich, Kirby Barber, Rob Becker, and Bill Henderson.

This show is dedicated to the memory of Susan Englebert.

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