Rachel, Put a Cork in it!

Image from Rachel Notley's Facebook

It’s predicted that Alberta Premier Rachel Notley will escalate the wine war further with B.C. after announcing, “an immediate halt to the import of B.C. wines into Alberta.” John Horgan reports he will not retaliate nor be distracted by the wine ban and his government’s main focus is protecting the interests of British Columbians.

“No one wins in a trade slugfest. In many cases, it will be workers and small business owners—many of whom live precariously, to begin with—as well as consumers, who bear, will the brunt of much of the fighting,” reports David Moscrop of Maclean’s.

Meanwhile – Terry David Mulligan, host of Tasting Room Radio and The Stew on Roundhouse Radio, has his own take on how this boycott could impact an industry that is near and dear to his heart. Listen now

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Janice and Cory
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