All about the Alberta and BC ‘beef’


It is no longer news that Alberta and BC are locking horns over the pipeline expansion project. What is of interest, however, is how this clash of titans is impacting businesses and the average person.

As more groups lend their voices for and against the feud, we ask what is the federal government doing to resolve the issue? Is Alberta and BC just like siblings going through a phase? Will this be the new normal?

On the Mid Days show, we caught up with many stakeholders: Craig Chandler, executive director of the Progressive Group for Independent Businesses in Calgary, to discuss why the group is calling for a boycott of British Columbia beef and why they think BC should be  “cooperating.” And, the Conservative Party and main opposition leader, Andrew Scheer.

Listen to the full interviews here:

Also, the Conservative Party and official opposition leader, Andrew Scheer, weighed in on the feud. Here is what he had to say:

Jody Vance
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