BC Liberal leader calls for the provincial government to do more for BC’s wine industry

Andrew Wilkinson photo via Jonathon Brown.

BC Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson is calling BC’s trade feud with Alberta a silly schoolyard dispute. Wilkinson says Alberta’s ban on BC wine put’s more than 15,000 workers at risk.

BC and Alberta have been locked in a disagreement over the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. The BC provincial government put a restriction on bitumen and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley responded by putting a ban on BC wine.

During today’s press conference Wilkinson called on Horgan to go to Alberta and sort this out. Earlier this week Horgan said that he has no current plans to meet with Notely, but the government is attempting to work this out.

Wilkinson says Horgan has started a dispute that he doesn’t know how to get out of and Horgan needs to remember that he was the one that picked this fight, not Premier Notley.

“There is no upside to picking fights with your neighbors. When things like this happened it is essential to swallow your pride and go and make the necessary arrangement to move ahead in the interest of the citizens of your province. That apply’s to Rachel Notley just as much as it apply’s for John Horgan. Unfortunately, we have a situation here where the BC NDP government have picked a fight and now they realize they are going to have trouble getting out of it”

Wilkinson adds that it is unfair to leave the BC wine workers in limbo well the provinces have their squabble.