RCMP remind people to be in HOV lane you must have a human in the car


Port Mann Traffic Services is reminding drivers that if you’re in the HOV lane, you better have a real person in the car. The reminder comes after a Port Mann Traffic officer noticed a vehicle in the HOV lane that had a very unusual passenger.

Constable Mike Halskov says RCMP have seen their fair share of motorists driving in the HOV lane without a second passenger, however, this was different.

Halskov explains that a Port Mann Traffic officer was the one who pulled over the vehicle and realized the passenger female mannequin after asking questions and getting no response.

“Well speaking to the drivers the Port Mann Service Officer noticed the vehicle had a very unusual passenger. In an attempt to get a response, by asking questions, realized the passenger was mannequin”

When asked if seeing mannequin’s is a recurring issue in vehicles, Halskov said that he had already been asked that question several times and the answer is no.”

Now the mannequin was seized as evidence for the alleged offense and Roundhouse Radio Reporter Sean Bideshi asked if there was any way the man could get the mannequin back. Halskov said yes, but the man would have to fill out an application first.

The man, whose name is not being released, is facing serval tickets for allegedly speeding, crossing over a white line, and changing lanes without use signal.

As for the mannequin, Halskov “The passenger exercised the right to remain silent.”