Wave of replica guns causing transit trouble

Photo courtesy transit police

Over the past couple of days, Metro Vancouver Transit Police
officers have responded to two separate firearms calls involving, what were later
discovered to be, replica style handguns that closely resembled real firearms.

On Monday at about 11:00 am, Metro Vancouver Transit Police
received a text message from a passenger who said they saw a man drop a handgun on the floor of the SkyTrain, on the Evergreen Extension as they headed toward Coquitlam.

Police caught up with the train at Moody Centre Station and took a 41-year-old man into custody.

The weapon involved was a black, Crossman C11 BB gun, which closely resembled a firearm.

Photo courtesy transit police

Then the next day at about 8:40 pm, Transit Police responded to another report, this time of a man openly cleaning a handgun aboard the SkyTrain heading eastbound from New Westminster.

Transit Police officers checked the train at Scott Road Station and found the 18-year-old suspect and a black, .177 Cal, BB CO2 pistol, which police say could easily have been mistaken for a legitimate firearm.

There were no charges sought in these incidents, but both individuals were

On top of these two incidents, also on Monday, a third replica firearm, a black “Beretta” airsoft pistol, was located in the trunk of a car during a Transit Police investigation near Surrey Central Station.

Police are reminding us that replica firearms are very often incredibly realistic in appearance and, when displayed or possessed on the Transit system, it is human nature for people to react as if it is a real weapon, possibly leading to unnecessary tragedies.


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