Alberta Premier “The ball is in BC’s court”

Photo credit Rachel Notley's Twitter

The trade dispute between Alberta and BC appears to be heating up. Today Alberta Premier Rachel Notley held a press conference to discuss what further action the province may take against BC.

Notley has slammed BC for standing in the way of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and says that people need to realize that this is a critical moment for the country.

When Notley put a ban on BC wine, there was much speculation as to how Notley could escalate the situation. On Twitter, she says she doesn’t want to escalate anything, however, if BC continues down this path Alberta will respond.

Extreme options have not been ruled out by Notley, such as restricting oil sent to B.C. or refusing to transport gas from that province.  She says whether or not those extreme options happen is up to BC.

There have been calls for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step in and defuse the situation between the two provinces. According to Notley, the Federal government is indeed stepping in to talk to BC.

BC’s previous response

We have no official response yet from Premier John Horgan, however, he did talk about the trade war with Alberta last week.

Horgan told reporters that he has no plans to meet with Notley. He says that his government is working to find a solution, however, his focus is on the throne speech this week.

” I don’t believe it is in anyone’s interests to have dueling premiers.  It is well known that Premier Notely and I have been friends in the past. It is well known that we share the same political flag. That may be interesting to political observers, but at the end of the day, that’s secondary to my obligation to the people of British Columbia. That is my ultimate focus and that is my only focus in the days weeks, and months ahead. What Alberta does is entirely up to them”

It was also confirmed by Horgan that the provincial government will not retaliate against Alberta for bans or restrictions.

Newly elected BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson also weighted in on trade feud and praised Notley for fighting for Canadain jobs.

“There is no upside to picking fights with your neighbors. When things like this happened it is essential to swallow your pride and go and make the necessary arrangement to move ahead in the interest of the citizens of your province. That apply’s to Rachel Notley just as much as it apply’s for John Horgan. Unfortunately, we have a situation here where the BC NDP government have picked a fight and now they realize they are going to have trouble getting out of it”

Credit Canadain Press