Construction biz needs workers, ready to pay


Shopping for a new career? Or even your first career? The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association says you may want to take a second look at the business of building.

According to the ICBA, BC construction workers should see pay raises of nearly 10% over the next two years as it gets tougher for companies to find skilled workers. Companies surveyed by the ICBA said they expect to give their workers a 4.5% raise in 2018, then expect to doll out another 5.1% increase in 2019.

“With such strong demand for workers, construction wages are growing more than twice as fast as inflation,” said Gardner. “The need is intense. Every single glass company we surveyed this year said they needed more glaziers. For pipefitting companies, 93% said they needed more help; sheet metal workers, 91%; electricians and plumbers, 89%. The message is clear: if you want to work in construction, there’s a job out there for you.”

The construction industry in British Columbia now employs more than 225,000 people and contributes nearly 10% of the provincial GDP.

The ICBA Wage and Benefits Survey also looked at how optimistic companies are about adding more work in 2018. Over 95% of construction companies said they expect business in 2018 to be as strong or stronger than 2017.

“Our findings bode well for opportunities in construction and its $19 billion annual contribution to provincial GDP – as long as we can continue to get to and stay at ‘yes’ on major projects and otherwise maintain a competitive business climate,” said Gardner. “We must do more to attract investment into British Columbia, ensuring that we continue to build the infrastructure and harness our resources responsibly.”

Contractors across BC told the ICBA they’re seeing labour shortages among carpenters, framers, truck drivers, drywallers, plumbers and even for general labour.

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