Jody Vance

Jody Vance brings decades of radio and TV experience to our airwaves both locally and across Canada — among many accomplishments, she has had her own national sports program, news anchor, host of Breakfast Television, and most recently she has been at CKNW talking about news and current affairs.

Middays: Shooting Ghosts

Serving in the armed forces is an exceptional act of sacrifice. One that requires a lot of determination both during the service and in the...

Cindy Gallop with Jody Vance

When I first met Advertising Maven Cindy Gallop, I had done my homework yet had no idea the force of nature that I was...
Canadian Press Image

Gord Downie was my Elvis

This is one that comes to you through a fog of sadness – we knew it was coming, but we weren’t ready for the...


First and foremost: I love the #metoo movement.  Like many, I posted #metoo on social media.  I also have had numerous discussions with friends about the...
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