“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.  The process never ends until we die.  And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

That is Janice & Cory’s aim.  To be curious about people’s process, to understand the choices we all make, and to taste another’s experience.

Get ready for some fun.

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Face – Off

Cory has introduced Janice to the world of technology in 2017. Where literally, anything, well almost everything is possible. Even something like a little...

Janice & Cory: Secret Socks

A gift, a gift of secrecy for a special someone? Janice brought in a gift for someone apart of the show.

Janice & Cory: IDAHOT 2017 Breakfast

Janice Ungaro, Cory Ashworth and Roundhouse Radio News Anchor Krystle Landert all attended the 2017 IDAHOT breakfast to show their support. As J&C hosted the...

Canada: Hockey, MDMA and Watermelon?

WATERMELON ABROAD: Nothing screams Canada like eating watermelon. Cory explains why he hosted a watermelon eating contest in China. Listen Here HOCKEY FUR: What would Janice...

Janice & Cory: Power…

The station hit a bit of a speed bump today, it was beautiful outside, yet nobody took advantage of the sunshine.


Coachella has wrapped up yet another double weekend.  Nothing official yet, but there’s no doubt this year’s take will smoke last year’s staggering $94 million. ...

Talent Show

While on hold, for a solid 24 hours, Janice and Cory expand their talent show line-up, The Spring Awakening Show. Listen Here Janice has a theory... the...

Janice & Cory… No Sex In The City.

A headline in The Guardian this week made many of us pause to ponder their question:  Is Vancouver lonelier than most cities or just...


Tune in to Janice & Cory every second Wednesday between 3:30 – 4pm for “Domecast”.  This ½ hour segment on Roundhouse Radio will feature all things Science. Science is the foundation of everything and without science, there is no new technology, no medical advances, no way to know how much energy to apply to the brake pedal to stop your car.