For 33 years the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society’s vision has been Theatre for Everyone! Through the Fringe Festival—the largest non-juried, uncensored theatre Festival in BC—we support emerging artists, showcase groundbreaking work, make theatre accessible and grow a community of people who participate and share in the theatre experience! Our year round program Theatre Wire connects Vancouver’s emerging independent theatre companies with audiences—and audiences with engaging, enlightening, and entertaining local theatre!


Over 11 days in September, more than 80 different theatre artists and companies come together to share their creativity on stage. Audiences are as varied as the performances with theatrical offerings for all tastes and ages. The uniqueness of the Fringe comes from the “everyone is welcome” selection technique—the Mainstage shows are literally drawn out of a hat, giving all artists a chance to participate. There is also a category for artists who find their own venue, Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV). The Fringe welcomes their performances as well, some of them in surprising locations like inside bathrooms or in the back of a car. Many of these are part of the Fringe Onsite program, which cultivates this type of site-specific work for the nooks and crannies on Granville Island. The Fringe revels in its identity as part theatre, part party. Every night of the Festival, Fringe artists, audiences, volunteers, and everyone involved, are welcomed to take in live music and share their experiences at the Fringe Bar. With over 500 volunteers supporting 700 performances in 11 days, the Fringe is a cultural experience unlike any other—bustling with the energy of an unwieldy stable of untamed creative beasts.

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