Tasting Room Radio began in 2007 when Terry David Mulligan moved with his wife Meg to The Naramata Bench, a glorious wine area above Okanagan Lake and Penticton. He had just finished shooting Year One of Hollywood and Vines TV with his friend Jason Priestley. TDM realized that there was no wine show on the radio anywhere in the Okanagan. So..he built a studio in his barn and off he went.Now, he’s found a perfect home for the show in Vancouver at Roundhouse Radio. Perfect because the audience is the delicious mix of women to men with an average age of 45-50. Pretty much ground zero for Canada’s wine fan. Terry decided very early on that his audience really wanted him to take the mystery out of wine. Throw out the wild terms and descriptives that some people use. Instead, THIS audience wanted the straight goods. De-mystify the whole wine world please and thank you!! On TDM’s end, he had to learn the whole World of wine as quickly as possible and as he likes to say “I’m learning all about wine through each interview – if you join me, we can all learn together”. Tasting Room Radio is a mix of food, wine, celebrities, star chefs, singers and actors who love their wines..founders, growers, and winemakers.

This is not just another wine show..it’s a wine show with a rock and roll attitude. Respectful of the craft involved but ready to turn the tunes up to 11.