This Neighbourhood Life has been an exciting adventure, a program created through a collaborative effort between Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, The Hastings North Community Partners Group and Roundhouse Radio. We came together because we wanted to find out what we would learn by listening to people from the community talk about their community.

Every other Friday for two hours, the program broadcast live from locations in the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood. Guided by Roundhouse Radio host Minelle Mahtani, the series included 12 hours of nearly 100 voices, joining in conversations about everything from art and culture, small business and childcare, food security and affordable housing to reconciliation planning and youth engagement. There was singing, harmonica playing, and spoken word, and there were skateboarders to politicians.

We met at The Laughing Bean Coffeeshop, The Roundel Cafe, Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, The Hastings Branch of the Vancouver Public Library, the Hastings Community Centre and the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA). UNYA was a special, two-hour episode that included all indigenous voices. From days of sunshine to heavy rains, people came out to meet us and share their stories, creating a community within a community.

This project was supported by the Hastings Park Legacy and the Vancouver Foundation. All the interviews are contained on this website.

Here’s a sampling of the guests. Sherry Breshears, President, Hastings Community Association, Jeff Cole, President, Vancouver Skateboard Coalition; Donnie Rosa, Park Board Director, Stewart Brinton, Hastings Sunrise resident; Abi Bond, Director of Housing Projects and Policy for City of Vancouver; Josie Pearce, Trans, Gender Diverse & Two Spirit Inclusion Facilitator; Cheryl Robinson, UNYA Director of Programs and Administration, and daughter, Malia; Joleen Mitton, model and creator of Indigenous Fashion Week; Ginger Gosnell-Myers, Aboriginal Relations Manager, City of Vancouver; Clair MacGougan, Executive Director of the Hastings-Sunrise Community Policing Centre; Eileen Mosca, a member of the Grandview-Woodlands Refugee Initiative, and Carmen Aldakhlallah, a Syrian refugee; Phil Hall, Branch Head, VPL, Hastings Branch; and Todd Wong, Library Assistant; Shane Simpson, MLA for Vancouver-Hastings; Ryan Hunter, co- founder and co-coordinator of SAIGE Community Food Bank; Burcu Ozdemir of  Burcu’s Angels; musician Jill Barber; Wayne Bertrand, owner of  Laughing Bean; Catherine Yamamoto, owner with her husband of Wheelhouse Seafoods; Andres Amaya, owner of  Andina Brewery Company; Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer; Gloria Roque, Seniors Program Coordinator at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House; Corrina Keeling, artist; Travis Angus, foster parent, Two Spirit community leader.